TOMORROW is a Horizon 2020 funded project, aiming at empowering local authorities to lead the transition towards low-carbon, resilient and more liveable cities. In the framework of the project, six cities will develop 2050 transition roadmaps together with citizens and other local stakeholders and serve as pilot for the transition of European territories.


The social demand for a transition towards a resource efficient system and a clean and healthy environment is growing stronger and is already carried on at local level by citizen initiatives. The European Commission has recognized the magnitude – and urgency – of the ecological crisis and made it the number one priority of their new mandate, under the umbrella of the European Green Deal. Instilling a new climate culture in Europe under a European Climate Pact — bringing together regions, local communities, civil society, industry and school will be key. 


TOMORROW will support cities implementing innovative forms of governance, based on the concept of transition management, to facilitate and accelerate sustainable transitions through participatory processes of visioning, learning and experimenting. As a result, cities will be empowered to fully play their role of enablers of the local energy transition.

TOMORROW will provide innovative engagement processes in order to foster a wide and meaningful participation. Such processes will be based on a review of existing methodologies and approaches successfully used by some frontrunners cities, called lighthouse, involved in the project. TOMORROW will produce a set of factsheets and methodological guidelines to be used as a toolbox by European cities.

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