Workbook Volume II: Designing Participatory Transformative Processes for Just & Climate-Neutral Cities


The ‘Workbook Volume II for urban transition makers’ is a collection of tools and methods that supports policy makers, civil servants and other actors in cities in their efforts to design a transformative and participatory process for realising just and climate neutral cities. An urban transition maker is any person, group, or organisation, who would like to adapt and implement transition governance processes.

This Workbook can best be used hand in hand with two other outputs of the TOMORROW project:

  1. The Methodological Guide ‘Designing participatory transformative processes for just and climate-neutral cities - Methodological guidelines for using Transition Management’. This methodological guide describes some of the overarching principles and activities for urban transition makers when designing and implementing processes of governing urban transitions along the metaphor of tending to a garden: starting with understanding the conditions (Step 1), planting the seeds (Step 2), nurturing growth (Step 3) and continuing the cycle (Step 4) - see also TextBox 1. The Methodological guide supports you through the different steps of the participatory transformative process and includes examples from the TOMORROW cities.

  2. The ‘Workbook for urban transition makers - Volume I’. This workbook includes tools that help urban transition makers to better understand the conditions, dynamics, and actor networks in their city (i.e. system and actor analysis). Doing so provides practical guidance for the first Step outlined in the Methodological Guide (see point 1 above). Compared to this workbook, Workbook I includes tools focusing on Step 1 while this workbook contains tools referring to all the steps of the Methodological guidelines.