Workbook Volume I: Designing Participatory Transformative Processes for Just & Climate-Neutral Cities


The Workbook for urban transition makers is a collection of tools for change makers willing to contribute to sustainability transition in cities. More specifically, this workbook explains the tools to get started with so-called transition governance. This mode of governance aims to facilitate and accelerate sustainability transitions through a participatory process of visioning, learning and experimenting. Understanding the current system dynamics and the actor networks is a crucial starting point for devising activities to influence sustainable transformation in cities and beyond.


This workbook can be used together with other two outputs of the TOMORROW project:

  1. The Workbook Vol. II which provides a collection of tools and methods for designing a transformative and participatory process towards climate-neutrality.
  2. The Methodological Guide ‘Designing participatory transformative processes for just and carbon-neutral cities - Methodological guidelines for using Transition Management’.

This guide includes some of the overarching principles and activities when designing and implementing processes of governing urban transitions and it follows the metaphor of tending to a garden: starting with understanding the conditions (Step 1), planting the seeds (Step 2), nurturing growth (Step 3) and continuing the cycle (Step 4).