Valencia signs an agreement, together with Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, to accelerate progress towards climate neutrality

Agreement Valencia citiES

The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, and the mayors of Madrid, Seville and Barcelona have signed this Wednesday an agreement to transform their cities, and accelerate the energy and ecological transition before 2030, an agreement that is part of the citiES 2030 initiative, promoted from the El Día Après platform  . As Mayor Ribó stated during the rubric, "the challenge is not only that cities become climate neutral, but that they do so as soon as possible."

During his speech at the event, held on September 8th in the regional senate, Joan Ribó warned of the "great significance of this institutional declaration that we sign today, because it can be the seed for a great pact for the decarbonization of cities" . In fact, the Mayor of Valencia has defended the idea of ​​the pact “between the private sector, the public sector, academia, civil society, citizens and the media to ensure that the transition to sustainability is really a collective project." 

Valencia will be able to further apply the learnings of TOMORROW in the field of stakeholders engagement and long-term strategic thinking to achieve the climate neutrality mission together with their fellow cities.

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