Repository of remarkable roadmaps for #CitiesOfTOMORROW

Photo: Kevin Liebens on Unslpash

In the framework of TOMORROW, we are supporting 6 European cities to develop their transition roadmaps. This is not an easy process: a lot of efforts are needed in order to develop a roadmap - you can have a look at the first draft of our guidelines to learn more about the metholdology. 

By developing such roadmaps, cities are designing clear pathways to transform their societies to become resilient, resource-efficient and reliant on clean energy sources.

In our toolbox, we collected remarkable examples to inspire the Pilot Cities of TOMORROW (Dublin, Brest, Mouscron, Valencia, Nis and Brasov), but also other cities that might be willing to embark in a similar path.

What do most successful roadmaps have in common?

- They are transversal: they cover the most important sectors and areas of society;

- They are built on consensus: an inclusive process ensures wide support and ownership. It will also make the roadmap implementation easier.

Have a look at the roadmaps repository 

We will update it in the course of the project.

Do you have more examples of inspiring roadmaps? Any question or suggestions? Join TOMORROW's community of practice and let us know!