Niš' energy transition journey

Nis - Picture by Bojan Gajic

Learn more about one of our pilot cities and its democratic energy transition journey in this article originally published by the MPower Project!

The city of Niš recognises the potential that democratic decision-making has in terms of bringing about an ambitious energy transition focused on fighting energy poverty. All the relevant actors are now working together on the transition, bridging initial differences of opinion about democratic ownership models and the need to access external resources. By integrating road maps and action plans with a long-term vision, Niš has become a pilot city and role model for other cities in the region.

A long-term vision for energy transition

Situated in the Nišava valley in the South of the country, Niš is the third largest city in Serbia, a country with an energy sector deeply affected by its dependency on fossil fuel imports, especially concerning natural gas and petroleum brought in to complement Bulgaria’s own production from coal combustion. Consumers also face high levels of energy poverty.

The municipality is determined to bring about an energy transition, so that the energy system is democratic, clean, social, efficient and renewable. To this end energy policies in Niš are embedded in a set of interwoven action plans and road maps. Read more