Mouscron's energy cooperative wins Award of Associative Merit

Award Coopem

Mouscron's energy cooperative COOPEM, managed by citizens of Mouscron and one of the main actors involved in the city’s 2050 roadmap has been awarded with the 2021 Award of Associative Merit for its cross-border activities in the project TransEnergy.

In the framework of this project, COOPEM and the French association Virage Energie organised cross-border walks or cycle rides, to showcase initiatives carried out in the field of energy transition and to fight climate change: renewable energy production units, more efficient buildings, preserved agricultural and natural areas, and any other citizen's initiative in this direction. During these tours, visitors could discover how former industrial sites became places of transition and innovation; how the Roubaix canal has been made navigable again; how such interventions benefited the local fauna and flora, and more. A great way to mobilise and inspire citizens on climate and energy transition actions!

TransEnergy is a European project funded by the EU Interreg programme on the territory of the Eurometropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, carried out by the French organisation Virage Energie in Lille and the Belgian organisation COOPEM in Mouscron.For more information, visit the project website