Alliance for Climate Neutral City in Valencia ensures local actors participation in the transition

Valencia view from above

A recent article in the local magazine "Levante" highlighted the progress of Valencia in the field of the energy transition and climate. Below, we summarised the main action Valencia's City Council has been carrying on in the past years, in the framework of TOMORROW.

You can read the original article in Spanish here.

In September 2020, Valencia's City Council create the Energy Transition Table to to design and promote its Fair and Inclusive Energy Transition Strategy, defining in a collaborative and consensual manner the objectives, the vision for the future and the roadmap that will bring the city closer to a new fair, renewable, democratic and decarbonised energy model. This table is part of València 2030 Urban Strategy, a broader exercise that seeks to rethink the Valencian city model in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It brings together 22 organisations from civil society, academia, the private sector, public administration and the media.

At the same time as drawing up a medium- and long-term roadmap, theTable also works with demonstration projects that are capable of transforming the city and that act as demonstrators of this vision for the future. 

Learn more about the projects here

In addition, the Energy Transition Table has defined a participatory process, the Alliance for a Climate Neutral City, which seeks to involve the whole city and its citizens in order to strengthen the commitment and responsibility of all actors in the transformation of the city. It is expected to have three different levels of participation and involvement:

- Ambassador entites, which are reference points of the alliance due to their strong commitment to the city's energy transition and climate neutrality.  

- Entities that part of the Alliance, to contribute to the city's energy and ecological transition. 

- Citizens, central part of the alliance and the key to the success of all the initiatives.

Individuals are called upon to be part of the alliance, to show their commitment and contribution to the neutrality of the city and to collaborate in the development and implementation of the demonstration projects.